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Oppose the occupation as if there’s no BDS – and BDS as if there’s no occupation

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apartheid photo – AP

AP photo: 23.06.76

Published: 4 April 2017

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Why Israel is nothing like apartheid South Africa – Benjamin Pogrund – The New York Times 31.03.17
South African apartheid rigidly enforced racial laws. Israel is not remotely comparable. I know this because I lived it. Yet the members of the BDS movement are not stupid. For them to propagate this analogy in the name of human rights is cynical and manipulative. It reveals their true attitude toward Jews and the Jewish state.

Why 'it's not apartheid' arguments fail: response to an NYT op-ed – Dahlia Scheindlin – +972 Magazine 03.04.17
Benjamin Pogrund argues that Israel is not the South African apartheid he sat in jail to expose. But in doing so he ignores the heart of what occupation really is.

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