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Despite widespread criticism, Israel targets human rights NGOs, not right-wingers, with foreign funding

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Published: 12 July 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

How Israel shoots itself in the foot with left-bashing NGO law – J.J. Goldberg – The Forward 12.07.16
Israel’s parliament, in a dazzling display of perverse logic, managed to shoot itself in the foot on Monday with formal approval of a law that hobbles human-rights organisations. ‘While the law will de-legitimise left wing organizations, pro-settler NGOs which receive millions of dollars in foreign donations without any transparency will remain unaffected.’
[See below for examples of non-transparent foreign funding of right-wing, pro-settler organisations in Israel.]
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And see:

Germany voices concern over controversial Israeli NGO bill – i24 News 11.07.16
German government said ahead of the Knesset vote that it is concerned over ‘the domestic political climate, which this law represents, and the increasingly polarised debate on the activities of non-governmental organisations in Israel’. Pro-Israel Bundestag members have previously criticised the bill.

The multimillion dollar Panama channel to West Bank settlements – Chaim Levinson & Uri Blau – Haaretz 25.06.16
An example of foreign funding being channelled to right-wing organisations in Israel in a non-transparent manner - the Amana movement that carries out settlement construction in the West Bank has been receiving tens of millions from a mystery company in the Central American tax haven, via a nonprofit that was also controlled by the movement.

How Israel is turning anti-occupation activists into dissidents
– Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 Magazine 12.07.16
Israel is seeing a worrying resurgence of attempts to curtail and suppress dissent, particularly among anti-occupation and human rights activists. That process does not take place in a vacuum.

US, Germans reiterate concern over NGO ‘transparency’ bill
February 20, 2016

More revelations re funding of settlements, right-wing groups funding
December 12, 2015


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